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Meet Tatou Dembele, Talented Ivorian Portraitist Making Waves in Canada (Photos)

We have stories to tell. Some write, some sing, some dance, and some, like Tatou Dembele, use art as their vehicle of expression.

The African is put down when s/he is not on his/her home continent. Not much is expected of us, but some go against the grain. Tatou, ìn her case, does that while breaking the proverbial glass ceiling.

Tatou, who draws from her African roots, is an Ivorien-Canadian. The 23-year-old, like Nigerian Kehinde Wiley, is a portrait artist who is slowly but surely making her mark in the art world. She is so good it cancbe said that she was born with a brush in her hand.

When she is not devoting time to working on her craft, she is busy revelling in her love for good food, especially delicacies from her homeland. With over 60,000 followers, the entrepreneur makes great use of her website Ivorian Foods.


of Ivorian origin is based in Canada. Armed with a paintbrush and paper, this 23-year-old has already made her bet. It impresses big names in this world.

When she is not wearing any of those hats, she is busy being a human resources consultant. However, art is her first love.

Though she has not sold any artwork to celebrities yet, the talented portraitist has had a chance to meet many of them. By gifting them portraits she has made of them, she also has got help that isn’t money.

The celebrities include Ivorien football legend Didier Drogba, Nigerian multi-award winning musician Davido, and DJ Arafat. They all have nothing but praise for Tatou’s works.

An avid social media user, the world gets to have a frontrow seat as this brilliant artist matures and continues to hone her craft.

She recently initiated a vernissage at the Mushagalusa Art Gallery located in downtown Montreal. The many visitors were able to see more of her masterpieces.

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