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Meet Taiwo Omowuni, 2022 African Movie Academy Award (AMAA) Winner For Editing 

Taiwo Emmanuel Omowuni, the founder of Oracle Media was recently  crowned winner of the editing category at the African Movie Academy Award (AMAA) for his outstanding editing skills displayed in Jolly Rogers.

Jolly Rogers is a  movie by  Walterbanger production which tells the story of a man who took law into his own hands to avenge the death of his pregnant wife by two police officers who killed her out of greed. This was after he discovered he wasn’t responsible for the pregnancy.

The award winning creative piece was directed by Walter Taylor.

The editor’s contribution to the film project which won him the AMAA, centers on the post-production phase includes cinematic editing techniques, motion graphics, music and sound effects, video effects, and color grading, which is what post-production is all about in general. This is done to make sure that film fans have the best viewing experience and can relate to the narrative while watching.

In an interview with Espact media team, Taiwo Omowuni said, “I have always been a big fan of movies and everything related to culture, so this is what fueled my passion for this field and my desire to change the society. Trust me, it’s been a journey over the years of my career.”

“It’s been thirteen years now, and I must admit, being relevant in the entertainment/film industry today could only have been by God’s grace , the God of Samson Abiodun Korode,  kept me alive till this moment of Glory and I am so grateful ” he added.

Although Taiwo began his career in 2006, it became official in 2009 when he registered his company Oracle Media. Oracle Media is a Pre-production, Production, and Post-production firm that provides services in Directing, Branding, Filming, Cinematic Editing, Scripting, Graphical Contents, and Color Grading. The company is built on a creative and well-structured foundation of service to provide clients with an outstanding result and to set a standard globally.

The AMAA winner in the interview, mentioned that his future plan is “to transform Oracle Media into a creative institute positioned to provide young people and film enthusiasts with the necessary knowledge, skills, and competencies in today’s highly competitive world and to make a positive difference.”

Taiwo Omowuni has also worked with some notable production companies in the course of his career. He has worked for Televista, and Sound City under Tajuddeen Adepetu. After that, he became a freelance editor and got a gig at stom records, which is now storm360. He also worked for Dragon Africa, TMC series a red Tv project, BET, amongst many others.

At the end of his interview with the Espact media team, the award winning editor gave an advice to upcoming editors stating, “My advice to aspiring editors is, to do everything you can to be the best at what you do because in the long run, those virtues will stand for you when needed and will build that reputation and height you seek. There are no shortcuts to success; you must strive diligently and embrace your craft.”

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