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Meet Success Adegor, 7-Year-Old Girl Whose Video About Her Desire For Education Went Viral

The internet found a new sensation yesterday, after a video of a 7 year old girl identified as Success Adegor , reacting after she was sent away from her school for her parent’s inability to pay her fees, went viral.

The video which was recorded by her neighbour Steph has since sparked reaction from many who do not understand the idea behind punishing children for their parent’s inability to pay fees.

Watch Video:

Success who lives in Delta with her parents felt very bad about this and vowed to ‘tackle’ her school after she was sent away for owing school fees. The video revealed that she was ok with being flogged rather than being sent her away, this shows how much she desires education as explained by Ace broadcaster, Sulaiman Aledeh.

The video of the Success who clocked 7 years old on Wednesday, March 13, has attracted many reactions as social media users and notable personalities offered to help pay the disgruntled little girl’s school fees.

Last night, Sulaiman Aledeh shared a post on his social media page explaining how he is teaming up with friends and notable personalities to ensure her education is sorted out.

In his words : I just got off the Phone speaking with Success Adegor(21:49hrs). Our almost 10mins talk was one of my best chats. Both mother and child are excited about plans we have for them. We MUST NOT send cash to her but create a mutual trust that will see her get the best of education. Sending cash to her mother’s account may not be advisable

I asked Success if she loves her school or would want a better school. She said a loud YES. She is one bright child. I found out it was her 7th birthday yesterday March 13th. I can’t wait to see us gift her one of the best birthday present. Many have reached me. I am thankful

Many thanks to the lady who made that video. Steph is her neighbour. I couldn’t speak with her this night as her line is switched off. We agreed to make a video call tomorrow as a prelude to opening a Trust Fund in her name

Success lives with her parents in Delta state. Her mother is Kwale and father is Urhobo

Saying goodnight was emotional for me…Success went into a prayer mood. Prayed for me…AMEN!

I will be a year older in a few days and I’ve been thinking of what to do till I stumbled on this video. This settles it! @alibabagcfr reached me earlier and that was a big boost to ensure this works. Many of my friends on WhatsApp and Facebook have all indicated interest to support Success. I am honoured and blessed to have you all. Now I know, there’s everything in a name. She’s Success and successful she will be in shaa Allah!

I see just one thing here; DESIRE

We are happy that this video has arose interests of people who are ready to see the brilliant girl get educated. This is once again an example of the power of social media.

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