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Meet Sophie Obomighe, 18 Year Old Tech Enthusiast Making Great Impact In Nigeria

Some children are born with outstanding talents, it is quite important that these talents are honed early.

Sophie Obomighe, is one if those talented teenagers that is currently making wave with her exceptional computer skills in Nigeria.

The 18 year old is a student of human anatomy in the University of Benin, and also a budding computer whiz-kid. Born into a family who appreciated the value of tapping into bidding potentials, her love for all computer-related gadgets blossomed after she was given a laptop in primary 2 as a gift for topping her class.


Her parents, upon seeing her love for computer gadgets enrolled her and her sisters for computer training classes during the holidays and also tasked them with typing and creating excel sheets for her.

She is currently the brand and partnership manager for the Girl Lead project, a social enterprise founded by Dr Enodiana Augustine in 2016 which recently won an award on Kampus TV. Girls Lead is an organization aimed at empowering young girls between the ages of 15 to 24 with entrepreneurial and technological skills in order to develop their potentials and unlock that unique talent that will change the world positively.


In April 2017, Sophie together with a team of friends enrolled for the NASA space apps challenge and emerged second in the competition, after building a repository of space terms that would enable a layman contribute substantially to space tech advancement, an amazing feat which brought her to limelight after one of her mentors posted news of her on facebook a few weeks back. Sophie is also a student ambassador for a Canada based, medical tech company for figure 1 and was recently on the panel of judges for Aisec Benin Chapter’s slush with Mac hackathon.

“I am still growing and still a student so I believe my story is still being written. I believe that at the time of my graduation I would be valuable to the biomedical engineering/technologkcal sector. In the next 5 years, I see myself surrounded by more females in technology having influenced many of them to pursue tech careers” she said in an interview.

Keep Going Sophie We Celebrate You

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