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Meet Seyi Alabi, Talented Nigerian Pencil Artist Whose Painting Focuses On Africans

It is quite satisfactory to see that young artist  like Seyi Alabi are showing interests in Nigerian culture and preserving the African ethics through creating clear pictures of our cultural beliefs and stories for unborn generations.

Seyi Alabi is a talented Nigerian artist whose art work is based majorly on captured moments of daily chores, actions and interactions of African children and mothers.

Better known as ‘Sheyi pencils’ his raw artistic talent and passion for his profession is quite evident through his drawing of monochromatic pictures which depicts African culture and also represents a graphic scenenario of our ordinary day to day activities, forever capturing these precious and seemingly inconsequential moments on paper and canvas.


As his alias suggests, this amazing artist works predominantly with graphite pencils and charcoal, turning what seems like normal pencil strokes on the chipboard into something truly magical.

With a diploma in computer engineering, Alabi’s love for all things art blossomed at an early age. As a young boy, he found painting and drawing a soothing exercise and the most natural way for expressing his innate artistic abilities.


Seyi Alabi
Seyi Alabi

His work is based on a clear manipulation of ambient light and careful strokings of his pencils to produce astounding paintings with real life quality.

In an interview, he spoke on lack of materials as his major setback and hopes to enact more support from art loving philanthropists.

His expertise is evident in the blurred contours and monochromatic nature of his painting based majorly on the joyful momenta of child hood and has recently started a series on domestic violence on children.

Keep Going Seyi! The Sky Is Your Starting Point

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