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Meet The Rwandan Youths Set To Develop Volkswagen Mobility Solution

When Volkswagen announced their desire to develop a Mobility solution as a way of impacting positively on Rwanda, they got a huge shock when the state government introduced them to a group of Rwandan youths who although works in a small office, but are making tremendous impact.

The small firm known as Awesomity lab is presently run by 8 young men,but originally founded by 4 in 2016, all of which were once students of Lycee de Kigali.


The four friends who had since nursed the dream of starting their own firm, decided to take the plunge, with no capital and unimpressive qualifications and certificates.

The team leader, Lionel Mpfizi in his interview with the New York Times, talked about how they were helped by the fellowship program organized by DMM hehe ltd, which was founded by Clarise iribagiza, a training that pushed them into letting up their own firm.

“The only capital we had was our knowledge and our determination. We all shared the same goal of turning Awesomity into something big and that was enough to get us started”he said.

The small firm started with in house projects which included, developing healthcare and educational solutions, among others and finally had their turning point in 2017 when there were recommended by the Rwandan development board to Volkswagen.

Upon invitation, the Volkswagen officials where outstanded by their resume and invited them into competing against several international firms for the job. Undeterred by the stiff competition, led by the desire to emerge the best, the Awesomity firm won in terms of quality and pricing.

“This deal means a lot to out company. We are proud to have developed something that would help in the development of our country. This deal gave us credibility and visibility at the international level” Mpfizi said.


The Volkswagen mobility solution involves two stages. The first one being the development of solutions to provide for car hailing, public car sharing and others. The security on stage involves a ride hailing service which willomprise of about 150 vehicles. The project is to begin production in the second quarter of this year, according g to Thomas Schafer, the chief executive of Volkswagen in South Africa.

These youths in their patriotic acts are steadily gaining international recognition for their outstanding works.

Well Done Genuises! We Celebrate You!


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