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Meet Osatohanmwen Osemwingie Nigerian Engineer Who Makes Drones For A Leading Global Army

Nigerian-born genius Osatohanmwen Osemwingie, after many feats in Robotics Engineering, he has become an integral member of the American armed forces.

His drones are used by the United States Army for surveillance to gather important information, as well as take out terrorist camps.

Osatohanmwen who has bagged seven masters degrees and three doctorate degrees, served as an administrator at the College of Education, Benin, Nigeria where he was named Educator of the Year for securing funding used to design and implement pre-service teacher education programs.

Osemwingie also works with National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and has been successful in sending drones to different planets, including Mars and Jupiter.

The expert owns a drones company – Ubiquity Interface Inc., of which he is the CEO – and works with a team of foreign engineers as well as his brother, only identified as Ken, who is a retired lieutenant colonel in the US Army.

Osemwengie was also a facilitator for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation- sponsored Ohio Leadership for Integrating Technology Initiative (OLIT) and founder of Open Engineering University, a tuition-free engineering institution.

The university, which is powered by Google+, is the first of its kind, and students in any university as well as professionals in science, technology, engineering and mathematics can apply.

Analysts believe that Nigeria has not been fully able to take on other modern warfare options and the likes of Osemwengie could change the trend if he is to bring back home some of his newly developed technologies.

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