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Meet Olaoluwa Okelola, Facebook’s Most Celebrated Software Engineer

Hello Africans!

The day looks gloomy and i thought of sharing an article i came across with you to lighten it  up. As always Temmy Balogun’s blog celebrates people with outstanding achievements, today our spotlight is on Facebook’s most celebrated Software Engineer who happens to be a Nigerian! Am proud of this really! Nigerians are making us proud all around the globe and its getting more interesting day by day.

When talking of someone who has always believed in his dream and determine to see it come to live,Olaoluwa Okelola Olaoluwa comes to mind first.

Born and bred in  Ibadan, Oyo state,  Nigeria, he had a dream,  held unto it and finally living his dream which has eventually become a reality in Facebook Headquarters, Menlo Park, California, United States.


Sit, take a chill pill and read the excerpt  below;


Right from his youthful days, he had always showcased a lot of talents in computer-related software. He was encouraged by his parents never ever to give up his natural endowment, and that he pursued till he attain the climax of his computer career which has brought glory to Nigeria.

Olaoluwa, a humble Nigerian who passionately loves God is the most trusted employee of Mark Zuckerberg, owner of Facebook. His creativity, hardwork and consistency has made him the most celebrated Facebook’s software Engineer, yet he assume no airs around him. He’s very rich, yet so humble.

For the records, Olaoluwa schooled in Ibadan, Oyo State, joined Microsoft as an Explorer Intern in January 2005 and left in August same year for Google where he worked as an Engineering intern from May 2006 until August 2006. He excelled, but determined to improving yourself, he joined Facebook in 2007 as a Software Engineer where his glory and expertise shone like stars.

He’s a happy man, still speaking Yoruba language (one of Nigeria’s major languages) fluently with his old Nigerian friends, remain focused even at the height of success, he has never forgotten how God has been there for him all through, as he always return to God Almighty his majestic praise at every opportunity.

Olaoluwa attended the International School, Ibadan from September 1996 to Dec 2000, Ibadan, South West Nigeria and later went to Avi-Cenna International School where he finished his secondary education with the class of 2002 from where he went to Howard University, Washington DC and graduated in 2007 with honors in Systems and computer Science.

The above excerpt culled from Nigerian Standard Newspaper is to encourage everyone out there that whatever you believe in and aspire to achieve always have a way of coming to reality once you remain focus and determined.


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