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Meet Nigeria’s Foyekemi Ikyatoor, Houston-Based Life Changing Doctor

One bad experience with life most time changes our perspective to life and causes us to  impact others lives positively, this is the case of Nigerian-born, American based, Foyekemi Adeyemo Ikyaator,a 34 year old, who opened Life Savers Emergency Room in Houston in December 2015.

Her story has continue to inspire doctors and black women that nothing stops us from achieving our dreams.Ikyaator studied medicine and public health with the aid of scholarship. She then concluded her residency in emergency medicine in 2012 at Atlanta’s Emory School of Medicine and Public Health. She moved to Houston to continue her practice where she gained more experience while working within the St. Luke’s Health System. And just a few later, she opened Life Savers Emergency Room.

The dream of becoming an ER Doctor was as a result of the death of her mother who was a nurse but died of ovarian cancer due to late discovery. Back in 2004, her mother complained of abdominal pain, and after a few months of testing with a doctor, nothing turned up. It was later discovered when she went to an ER and she was able to get a bunch of test done. This birthed the foundation of her Emergency Center of early diagnosis can make a difference between life and death.

Foyekemi and her husband

Life Savers Emergency Room top priority is patient’s health which the facility takes pride in ensuring little to no wait time. She now serves as the facility’s medical doctor, which allows more hands-on with patients to administer the care they need. She is revolving emergency room service with the facility which is a stand-alone 24 hour emergency room equipped to provide patients with the quality service they would normally receive at a hospital.

As a mother and leader in medicine, she is trying to bridge the gap between patients and access to immediate health care as she has witnessed how tedious and time consuming the patients had to wait before they can be attended to because of the overcrowded emergency rooms.

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