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Meet The Nigerian Locust Beans Seller Who Gained Popularity With Cheerful Approach To Customers

In any chosen profession, great customer service, hard work, determination,sacrifice and perseverance are very critical to achieving success.
Let’s applaud Ifeoma Uzoma the professional ‘ogiri’ seller whose story accurately depicts the theme ‘from grass to grace’.

She stands as an emblem of hope to house wives and young mothers, as well as aspiring entrepreneurs who have been toiling day and night to become a success in their field of choice.

Before becoming an internet sensation, Ifeoma had tried several businesses, not losing hope each time, until she finally settled on selling ‘ogiri’, a natural spice, often called ‘iru’ in Yoruba and ‘Locust beans’ in English language.

With a capital of 300 naira, she took to hawking her wares up and down the streets of IMO, not having enough fund to acquire a shop or even a space in the market.

In her interview with women of rubies, she spoke about the ridicule from bus drivers, as well as neighbors owing to the bad smell of her goods. She also pointed out that the bad smell associated with the spice only served to signify its freshness and quality.

Her cheerful personality lead to her recent breakthrough on a fateful day, when she went to the market, announcing her presence with her usual O.G.I.R.I song. One of her customers Ugoma Roch took a video of her and posted a video on facebook.

Weeks later the ogiri woman, as she was fondly called started getting calls and messages of admiration and and appreciation from Nigerians and foreigners alike who had watched the video, to her utter amazement.

Not long after,, a networking and support group for mothers who run businesses, also one of her admirers contacted her and sent her an invite to Lagos, where a team was put together to improve her brand and express her unique marketing skills in the field of cooking.

One would not forget to appreciate Mofolusade Sonaike the founder of the platform who went all out in searching for her, serving as the proverbial ‘fairy godmother’.

Ifeoma’s story is now a source of hope to entrepreneurs who are faced with obstacles and her often ridiculed in their choice of business. Proving that you can be successful regardless of the background you are frkm and tge types of business you have passion for. All you need is to be focus,hardworking and determined.

Let’s all learn from her!!

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