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Meet Nicole Kayode, Nigerian-British Using Technology To Improve Healthcare

Nicole is a Nigerian-British entrepreneur with a background in medical research and a passion for using technology to improve healthcare across the continent. This is being achieved through her digital platform Medixus.

Medixus is a mobile and web-based application for healthcare workers across the African continent to collaborate on challenging patient cases. The idea is that through knowledge sharing and community, healthcarw workers can make better clinical decisions, provide peer support and ultimately improve patient care.

Having worked in start-ups most of her professional life in business and product development roles, she decided to combine her interest for technology, business and healthcare in Africa by launching Medixus.

Right after studying Natural Sciences: Organic Chemistry & Biomedical Science at University College London and an MSc in Biomed, focused on cardiology research, Nicole Kayode felt the need to create meaningful impact in the medical world especially after losing a loved on what she cited as inadequate treatment as result of under support; a factor that was synonymous within the Africa healthcare sector.

After also noticing the pervasive lack of patient trust in the African health care systems, she started Medixus as a way to address the problems in our healthcare sector.

Combining her passion for healthcare with her love of entrepreneurship, she is in a mission to improve the healthcare systems in the continent with a reliable and confidential network for doctors and nurses who are able to connect and collaborate, removing barriers to quality patient care while driving global improvements to medical treatment.

The 3-year-old startup rolled out its app on multiple platforms providing a platform for virtual mentors making peer-to-peer discussions accessible for all. Thid idea was born, that every doctor on the continent should be able to connect with another African doctor to collaborate on patient cases. They should no longer feel alone due to the current

situation of understaffing, but instead, have a pan-African support network of peers to connect with. This will translate into real-time improvements in patient care and clinical outcomes, which will save lives

Medixus is also creating a sustainable portal for knowledge sharing and this contributes to the ‘capacity building’ of healthcare workers that we often hear banded around in discussions about healthcare in Africa, but in such a way that centres the individuality of each healthcare worker on the platform and their unique knowledge needs.

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