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Meet Momarr Mass Taal Is The Largest Manufacturer And Exporter Of Processed Foods In Gambia

31-years-old Momarr Mass Taal who is the founder and managing director of Tropingo Foods is currently the largest processor and exporter of processed foods in the Gambia. Tropingo was founded in 2014 as a food processing company focused on dried fruit and nut exports.

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At a very tender age of 18, Momarr Mass Taal had a clothing line, Malyka Clothing which was based in Canada. But on returning to The Gambia after his University degree, he saw a gap and felt the need to fill it, hence, Tropingo Foods.

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In an exclusive interview with enterprise54, he said “After returning home from studying international development and economics, I had set in my mind that value addition and agriculture were key to development efforts in Africa. I saw an opportunity after noticing that the majority of mango in my country went to waste. I went about developing a solution to address the lack of market for these fruits, this is how Tropingo Foods was born.”

The company currently processes and exports dried mangoes and groundnuts from the Gambia to different places around the world, but mainly to Nigeria, Senegal, the Netherlands, and China.

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The company has over 140 employees out of which 120 are women. While his company’s yearly turnover is approximated to be $1.6 Million.

Momarr’s entire effort in the processing and export of fruits and nuts is geared towards ensuring that crop loss becomes a thing of the past as far as the continent of Africa is concerned.


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