Meet MIT-bound Twins Who Became Co-valedictorians Of Their High School

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First, it was the Belcher triplets showing that siblings can top a class. Now it is the turn of the George twins, Malik and Miles.

Malik, and his twin brother Miles, just graduated from Woodbridge High School. The brothers’ academic sojourn at their high school Tended with the recognition and accolades of both being the valedictorians for their graduating set.

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The New Jersey natives and their parents were gladdened by the news. But this did not come easy. The brothers maintained an A average all through their high school career. Constant studying and putting in the hours is what culminated in this and near perfect SAT scores.

They have since been offered scholarships by five colleges, including Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). They have decided to take MIT up on its offer.

“Seeing them always doing their best to care for us has definitely made a good imprint on us,” Malik told ABC 7 of his parents, who celebrated their 20th anniversary on Wednesday. “Whether it’s academics, athletics, some form of art, whatever passion someone has, my best advice would be just to explore it and do your best, and the success will come.”

“We worked hard,” Miles said. “Every course, studying, paying attention, asking questions. That’s one of the most important things, being an active student in our own education.”

Hard work always pays. we congratulate the brothers and bid them more success in their other endeavours.

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