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Meet Melissa Sanchez, African Fashionpreneur Empowering Youths Through Her Iconic Clothing Brand

Melissa Mbile Sánchez is the founder and CEO of La Capacidad, a clothing line in Equatorial Guinea which she uses to empower youths.

Under La Capacidad, she engage in textile-related—fashion design, printing of garments, fashion house, artistic and cultural.

Sanchez’s journey into the fashion business started in 2018 when she began designing Afro-contemporary clothing and costumes bearing her company logo. Her fashion business is based in Malabo, the country’s capital city.

Though Equatorial Guinea is a small oil-producing country, but there is still room for creativity and culture. This country take immense pride in their cultural uniqueness, therefore, among various textures and colors, traditional materials is always cherished.

Sánchez is a multidisciplinary artist who has a deep appreciation of economic policies. She has a bachelor’s degree in economics and has experience in analyzing, developing, and overseeing projects. She is a fashion designer, dancer, choreographer, singer and actress. She is a young entrepreneur who speaks fluently Spanish, English and French.

Sánchez’s main aim is to empower young people and foster their social and economic inclusion. Her company offers internship opportunities to the youth to enable them to learn and quickly understand the value of work, the importance of customer relations and efficient service delivery. About 12 young people have gained immense experience having completed their internship programs with the company.

Sanchez hopes to work on gaining more visibility at the national and international levels. She also want to develop a marketing and advertising plan, both virtual and physical. Although things has not been easy but she believes that things would be better.

Melissa Sanchez, the fashionpreneur advised the youth to stand out professionally in whatever they do and they should strive to become positive role models for others.

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