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Meet Maryam Bichi, Young Entrepreneur Making Impact In Kano Through Digital Marketing

Maryam Bichi, winner of the Activate Success Abuja Youth Entrepreneurship and Empowerment Grant, talks about business aspirations in an exclusive interview with Espact.

Maryam, who started out as a fashion entrepreneur that specialized in producing handmade fashion accessories in 2013, has as well tried other business ventures including IT and Content Marketing.

After winning the Activate Success Abuja Youth Entrepreneurship and Empowerment Grant (YEEP), she has been significantly involved in the development process of an E-commerce startup as a co-founder and has also been committed to improving herself in content marketing.

While speaking with Espact , Maryam explained that doing business comes with gains and pains. “So far, there has been some recorded success. Despite the challenges, as my business is almost 6 years in existence, and at my workplace there has been great achievement like getting nominated as a trainer with Facebook boost your business in Patnership with Di-Hub”.

She also said, she has been facing some challenges as an entrepreneur “The major challenge I face is stereotype and marginalization of women in our northern communities. Women are not getting equal opportunities, support and encouragement to build themselves. In the north, people view a lady in business as a badly behaved or an immoral person. Another challenge, is creating a balance by properly managing my time and activities”.

Speaking about her business aspirations, she said she plans to stay in business and establish a digital marketing firm that will create great contents for the support of small businesses, while also providing employment and empowerment for youths.

Maryam said, “Winning the Activate Success Abuja Youth Entrepreneurship and Empowerment Grant (YEEP) is one of the greatest thing that happened to me this year. I feel honored and it made me realize that all my efforts weren’t in vain. I am now courageous and committed to what I do”.

“I am grateful and I intend to give back to the society by motivating young Nigerians, especially northerners to discover their potentials, which I have already started with my platform called *Reinvent yourself where discussions on Entrepreneurship and the necessary motivational support is given”.

She ascribed her success and motivation to a thirst to be outstanding among her fellow youth and encouraged budding entrepreneurs to persevere and stay focused on their goals.


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