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Meet Ludick Marishane, Founder Of World’s First Bath Substitute Products

South African Entrepreneur Ludick Marishane is one of the few Africans passionate about developing innovative solutions to aid better living  condition for human beings.

Ludick who  founded Headboy Industries is presently  South Africa’s youngest patent-filer due to his conceptualisation  of  DryBath,- the world’s first bath substitute at age 17.
DryBath products come in form of skin gel which can be used for bath without using  water.

Dry Impact Products

Speaking on what inspired DryBath, he explained that one of his friends back in school  was too lazy to bath one fateful day, then he thought  of  how people  can clean themseleves without going through the stress of bathing, then he conceptualised DryBath though he didn’t have enough capital to actualise the idea then.

Ludick explained that having a father who was a human resource background, and has contributed actively to his life since  childhood even after separating with his mother when he was 6, also helped him achieve his  plan.

After high school, Marishane was awarded a scholarship to study at the University of Cape Town (UCT)  and he used part of the fund gotten to continue  the development of  his idea. In addition  to this , his business plan won third place in a competition during his first year at UCT  and  the price money  was use to develop the prototype of his id

Ludick Marishane

In 2011, Ludick was rated as the best student entrepreneur in the world and in the same year Google named him one of the twelve brightest young mind in the world. He continued making impact with his products and in December 2013, TIME mazagine  named him one of the thirty under 30 people changing the world. Ludick  was one of the only two Africans on the list.

This South African  genius  is out here to make impacts and help  other  young minds understand  that in order to be successful, they need to be determine as well as look for support  from the right  people and platform.

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