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Meet Kenny Alegbe, Entrepreneur Creating Operating Systems For Home Management

Kenny Alegbe is the founder of HomeHero, utilizing technology to build operating systems for the home, making it simple and easy to manage all services in the home at the swipe of a button.

Kenny Alegbe is a Nigerian Entrepreneur based in London who seeks to create solutions to help make managing our homes easier so we can make time for the things that we enjoy.

HomeHero is a unique AI-powered platform for property managers to provide an exceptional living experience for homeowners. HomeHero is designed to simplify the lives of both homeowners and property managers.

The platform brings all of the home services together, into one easy to use app. From setting up bills, to reporting a broken boiler and making a house a home, HomeHero has you covered.

HomeHero solves the problem of consumers wasting time having to manage a broad range of home services across a range of disparate service providers.

The easy-to-use platform empowers customers by providing one digital ‘home manager’ they can trust to service their full range of household needs, from collating and setting up all bills in one place, to reporting maintenance issues like fixing a boiler, booking cleaners and lending a hand with admin like being in to receive a package or let in a builder.

According to Alegbe, HomeHero came from a personal experience of moving into a new property. He found the whole process clunky and time consuming, and saw a huge gap in the market, a huge opportunity.

The property space hasn’t previously adopted technology at the same pace as other industries, like transport – which has seen unrecognisable transformation in recent years.

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