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Meet Kelly Chibale, South African Professor Who Discovered Lasting Cure For Malaria

Kelly Chibale who is a professor in the University of Cape Town recently discovered a drug which can proffer lasting cure for malaria.
Professor Chibale is the founder and director of H3D, a drug research center that is aimed at combating malaria and TB, and his goal is to create drugs which can help prevent the human body from becoming drug resistant.

The compound, ‘UCT943’, is the second candidate selected for development after the drug center (H3D) in 2012 selected the MMV048 compound for assessment. But so far, the researchers say the newer compound “may be more potent against the malaria parasite” and could also “be easier to formulate.”

Professor Kelly Chibale, says the new compound “has potent activity against all stages of the malaria parasite life-cycle and has the potential to block transmission of the parasite from person to person.”
One of Chibale’s goals is to see Africa contribute to medical research beyond just offering the opportunity for clinical trials.
“We need to demonstrate that Africa has more to offer than the mere opportunity for human clinical trials,” he said.
“Africa has largely been a recipient of Western research. It is time for Africa to also contribute research so that people from other continents can also benefit. The challenges we are trying to address in Africa are not just African challenges but human challenges. In this way, Africa can earn respect.” he added.

Professor Kelly Chibale of the University of Cape Town (UCT) has been named by Fortune Magazine as one of the world’s greatest leaders .
He features on the list alongside power couple, Bill and Melinda Gates, who are also making a huge contribution towards malaria research in the continent.

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