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Meet Joyce Awosika, Nigerian Entrepreneur Using Local Ingredients To Manufacture High-End Skincare Products

Joycee Awosika is a Nigerian beauty entrepreneur, energy economist and speaker; she has a history of running companies, mainly ORÍKÌ, the first and only all natural farm to skin brand to operate a fast-growing premium skincare product and wellness spa brand in conjunction.

Launched in 2015 and today employing 37 people, ORÍKÌ has developed 6 spas in four years and distributes products globally. Joycee’s work has been featured in several global publications including: CNBC, The Huffington Post, Ebony Magazine, The Guardian.

She has built a reputation for her expertise in creating structure for businesses and homes and provides, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and templates through her platform, SOAR. SOAR is growing into a leading structure and strategy and development consultancy that works closely with small and medium enterprises and individuals to help them scale by leveraging systems and structure.

She is avidly passionate about impacting SMEs to be sustainable and scalable realizing that they form the backbone of the economy.

ORÍKÌ Group is a wellness and personal grooming brand that is the first and only company in Nigeria to operate a luxury spa chain coupled with its own farm to skincare product range. The company utilizes only the best, efficient & potent natural ingredients from the richest resource Continent in the world, Africa.

ORÍKÌ Group comprises of a multi-channel spa, farm to skin retail product company and a wholesale & amenity product line for spa’s, hotels, and airlines. It is a fast growing organization, having developed/operated six spas, retail stores and created distribution channels across Nigeria and in three countries.

The brand aims to leave a piece of Africa with consumers around the world by creating farm to skin products, wellness centers, empowering farming ecosystems and instilling ‘skinfidence.’

As a young girl who grew up in the western world, Joyce Awosika was intrigued by natural ingredients and their potency. The more she experimented; skin and hair became her weapon of choice for self-expression – a way to experiment with raw materials and resources – and it powered a journey that led her back to her roots on the Continent of Africa, specifically Nigeria, and that propelled the creation of ORÍKÌ.

After years of experimenting with all types of natural ingredients, at one point, she created a mini lab in a home setting, testing and experimenting with diverse materials from activated charcoal to wild berries and ingredients in between.

She wanted others to experience and believe in the potency of natural. Seeing a void in the industry and a depiction and narration of Africa as being helpless and lacking, Joyce launched a personal grooming brand “inspired by nature and crowned with opulence,” focusing on a wide range of raw materials and ingredients for all skin types, creating formulas that work for all depending on skin type and concern.

From a young age, Joyce had a keen interest in solving problems and monetizing opportunities. She started a babysitters club when she was younger, a candy store out of her locker, she made accessories and much more as a child. According to Joyce, “there was a streak and love for entrepreneurship from as young as she can remember”.

Her Father, was also an entrepreneur, Joyce enjoyed visiting her father’s office and learning about what he did; “it definitely left an impression on me and fueled my passion”, she mentioned in an interview with LionessofAfrica.

Joyce further mentioned that ‘ORIKI is scaling and expanding and bringing more ORIKI locations to more communities’; “we are currently working on 3 other locations as well as launching a new skincare product line and a new haircare line”, she emphasized in the interview.

Joyce Awosika mentioned that ‘The ability to create jobs and opportunities for others while leaving a tangible impact on people and our communities’ gives her the most satisfaction being an entrepreneur.

She said she is delighted to see ORIKI loyalists who have imbibed ORIKI as a way of life, a lifestyle and a culture. She also gains immense satisfaction when she creates products and receive incredible feedback. ‘At the end of the day making an impact is of utmost importance to me’, she added.

Joycee Awosika started her cosmetics line ORIKI in 2015, using indigenous Nigerian ingredients to make high-quality skincare products. The brand has since expanded to include a contract manufacturing business and a chain of spas. 

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