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Meet Joshua Wilson; An“ Optometrist-Actor “who addresses societal issues through comedy skits

Hello Africa!
Its an inspiring Tuesday ,I bring to you this insightful interview i had with an amazing young  Nigerian who combines learning optometry and acting  together.
For better understanding , an optometrist is an eye doctor who  examines  the eyes for both vision and health problems, and correct refractive errors by prescribing eyeglasses and contact lenses.
Joshua Wilson  has so far created interesting comedy skits, which stand out among many others as each  addresses different  societal issues in Nigeria in an humorous manner.
Comedy is  a humorous  piece that invokes laughter. Laughter is a powerful antidote to stress, pain, and conflict. Nothing works faster or more dependably to bring your mind and body back into balance than a good laugh. Humor lightens your burdens, inspires hopes, connects you to others, and keeps you grounded, focused, and alert.
Comedy skits are generally known to help people relax through laughter , Joshua Wilson made his skits exceptional  as they serve as a tool for laughter and at the same  time exposed some wrong acts in the university campuses and society at large that need to be cubbed.
Without much ado, let’s dive in and enjoy it all.
1.Good to have you here Joshua Wilson , lets start with a brief biography….
My names are Wilson Joshua Chidiebere. I am from Amaorie Ezinnachi Okigwe Imo state and was born on November 16 1990. Am a shy and easy going person.  A one time medical student in Madonna university between 2009-2011 but currently a 500 level Optometry student in Imo state university and  by God’s grace will graduate by July 2017.
I am from a big and loving family which consist of my mum, a younger brother with the most caring aunties, uncles and cousins
I was opportuned to serve as a senator of the  Nigerian Optometry Students Association (2011), and also served two tenure as a Director of Welfare Nigerian Optometry Students Association (2012-2013)

2.Optometry and Acting are two very different professions,what led to your simultaneous involvement in the two ?
After I gained admission into IMSU in 2011 I participated in a reality TV show , Nollywood Talent Hunt Show in which i came second, that was what catapulted me into acting although optometry is a tasking course,  I just had to combine both by appropriate planning to ensure none encroaches into the other.

3.What two unique features do you love about the two professions ? Do you intend  praticing the two fully  in the long  run or will focus on one in future?

The two profession are tasking, they need a high level of creativity, wisdom , intelligence and dedication that is the first reason why I love the both professions.

The second reason is the fact that through the both profession I can touch lives positively as an optometrist by enhancing sight, as an actor/entertainer put smiles on peoples faces and correct social vices.

I intend running Palmer Films as one of the biggest movie production companies in Africa with a manager of its own while I also practice as a Doctor.

4.Kindly share the synopsis of your top rated skits with us…

(i)”University students murder it”

This is a short funny skit geared towards bringing to the notice of the public the half baked students/graduate produced recently by most Nigerian universities urging the school authorities, so  various universities regulatory bodies and government can put in more effort to correct it.

Watch Here

Download here

(ii)  “Pornographic addiction”

The rate at which our teens and even grown ups are addicted to hardcore videos is becoming alarming. Watch this comic video staring Wilson Joshua and Mc Benbillo kicking against Pornographic videos.

Watch here


(iii)  “E still remain”

This is a short comedy skit that revels bulling, extortion and intimidation on campus. Calling for a quick response from security operatives on our various campuses.
Starring Wilson Joshua and Dave.

Watch here

Download here

5.Comedy kits are generally known to help viewers relax their nerves by prompting laughter, how were you able to infuse societal issues without loosing focus of the comic effect?

Most times you can’t tell if a skit will be very comic or not or whether it would go viral or not, so when I come up with comic stuffs, I pass them across to my MC friends and watch peoples reaction when they crack the jokes on stage, if the prognosis is good then I work more on it and add the vice i want to correct before shooting it as a video.
6.Who are your target audience? What message do you intend passing to them?
.The general public, government and other necessary bodies. But the youths and students are my major priority. The saying “catch them young” is a saying I so much believe in, I believe most of the societal catastrophic events we experience today would never occur if the adequate steps are taking towards educating our youths about the right path to take through mass media.
7.How do you decide on the next societal issues to work on?
listen to news, read news papers and carryout my day to day activities so I know the direction the country is moving with that in mind I tend to proffer  solutions to the problems through the skits. And i make sure they are problems that when addressed, would touch the lives of the masses positively.
8.Apart from your comedy skits, have you featured in other Nigerian movies or soap operas so far?
Yes, I have featured in couple of movies like
The Avenger Cobra, Journey to destiny, Beyond destruction, Obu onye and many more
9.Would you say Nigerian movie industry gives enough room for young minds to showcase their talents?
Yes it does, and but  very competitive.  If you are not consistent, creative, hardworking and intelligent you may not come to limelight and I would say Nollywood is no more a place for illiterates else you will be taken advantage of, and dumped.

10.In what way has acting profession pose a challenge to your academic works ?

My results in 100level were very bad, because I had to stay away from school for some time in location camps. It made me read extra time and reduced me from an intelligent student to a below average student struggling to pass it made school very stressful for me but thank God I didn’t fail any of my professional exams of which by next year everything will be over.
11.Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

First I see myself as a proficient eye doctor, with my masters degree in public health.  Secondly,a renowned actor and producer and the CEO/MD of one of Africa’s best and biggest movie production company “PALMER FILMS”

12.Any role model (s)? Your hobbies?

My role models as an actor are sir Kenneth Okonkwo and Uncle Zach Orji. And from producers and directors  sir Ugezu J Ugezu. I love and learn from the rest of huge Nollywood crew and actors.

13. Inspire youths in one sentence…

If I Wilson Joshua with no entertainment or medical background can be inspired to get this far and still going  , i believe you can achieve what ever you set your mind on, with God’s grace and hard work..

Thanks for sharing with us Joshua.

Contact Joshua Wilson;

Instagram: WILSONJOSHUA732
Twitter: @Seed2064
Whatsapp: +2347032555214,+2347067737008
Facebook: Wilson Joshua Chidiebere, Real Wilson Joshua.
Facebook page: Palmer Films, Wilson Joshua

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