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Meet Jody Ogidigben, Nigerian Lawyer Turned Natural Hair Stylist

If you have passion for something and you have being able to develop a business idea from, you don’t need to wait for the perfect moment before taking the steps towards to make it a reality, the time to start is now!

Jody Ogidigben is a Nigerian lawyer with a dream of becoming a natural hair stylist and today, she is living that dream of hers.

Every black woman with natural hair or transitioned from relaxed to natural hair knows how difficult it is to manage. Not only are they finding things difficult, they no longer appreciate their full hair.

Faced with the same dilemma when she transitioned 4 years ago, Jody created a brand called *Jody’s curl box* which is aimed at making the transitioning journey easy.

 Jody Ogidigben
Jody Ogidigben

In an interview with Konboni on what inspired her to start the company, she said “I decided to create. Jody’s curl box because I realized there was a problem which is that Nigerians have not figure out how to handle their natural hair”.

The brand comprise of 6 products, including a cleansing and hydrating shampoo, a daily, leave-in conditioner, a herbal growth elixir, a 2-in-1 protein and hydrating deep conditioner, a day spritz with rosewater and a beard growth butter for men.

She is also an amazing stylist and is pretty good at it!!. She is a true example of how far your desire can take you.

Keep Going Jody Ogidigben!The Sky Is Your Starting Point.

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