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Meet Joanna Gunab, 24-Year-Old Disabled Medical Student Supporting Ghanaian Pupils With Uniforms

Because we love impactful people at Espact, we can’t help but to tell the story of a physically challenged 24-year-old Ghanaian medical student,Joanna Gunab who regardless of her condition prioritises helping children in the northern part of Ghana with good uniforms to go to school.

Joanna was born on December 5, 1994, into a family of ten, who hails from Ghana’s upper east region. Currently, in her 5th year at the University for Development Studies in Ghana, she has single-handedly helped about three children with uniforms and fees, we find these kind gestures of hers amazing.

Narrating how she became disabled, she explained that it occurred when she was at age 4, and for a while, it has made her lost her self confidence but on a fateful day, she made a decision to regain her confidence once more, and also inspire others in her condition to believe they can achieve their dreams too through her youtube channel.

In her words ” I was 4-year-old when it happened, so I’ve lived with it for twenty years now. I never wanted to be noticed except in my own small circle. I was always timid to go out and scared of the stigmatization. But one day I decided not anymore. I decided to rise above all that and share my story so people can know that regardless of their circumstances if they work hard, pray hard and believe in their dreams, they will surely achieve them, just like I am studying a course many believe I can’t and am almost rounding up.’

Joanna Gunab told Espact Media that apart from her plan to further her education after her bachelors’ degree, she has some charitable projects she is working on launching which providing of school uniforms to children in the northern part of Ghana tops the list.

With her current activities and future aspirations, Joanna has proven that she is truly going to be a great inspiration many Ghanaian and Africans at large.


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