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Meet Jared Harrington, Basketball Star Building Entertainment Multiplexes Across Africa and UAE

Jared Harrington, a renowned basket baller, sportsperson, businessman, and philanthropist who has recently been playing in the Basketball Africa League is currently making great impact in Africa through his Arenas and film studio projects.

Jared has started a 20-year Africa wide Project that has set out to build multiplex sports arenas, named Jared Harrington Multiplex, throughout major countries in Africa beginning in the Mwale Medical and Technology City (MMTC) in Kenya. This 50,000-seat arena will bring tourism, job opportunities, advance education, sports efficiency, and overall hope to young Africans globally.

In partnership with African Billionaire Julius Mwale and MMTC, the arenas will host all sports activities including football, rugby, basketball, tennis, hockey, volleyball, and others like swimming. The facility will also host activities such as concerts, forums, virtual reality, and additional revenue generators. A talent innovation Academy will be constructed surrounding each area of the arenas to train, nurture, and educate thousands of youths in sports and athletics with innovative general curriculum to include fintech, financial literacy, agriculture, and engineering focused, to enable them to compete internationally both in sports and in general life. 

On the film and music side, Harrington has partnered with His Royal Highness Chief Nana Dakrabo I, who is set to build the World’s Largest Film City in the UAE in partnership with His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Faisal Al-Qassimi, to add the film and music production component to the entertainment mulitplex.

Titled Dakrabo 1 World Studios, the world-class facility will encompass soundstages, a recording studio, pre/post-production facilities, screening theaters, and a film/music academy. Together with the Jared Harrington Multiplex, this entertainment multiplex will nurture the entertainment industry throughout Africa and the UAE.

What Harrington wants to do in Africa is interesting as it will be a benefit to the U.S economic policies towards Africa and increase the bondage between the US & Africa diaspora. Many African countries lack facilities, access & exposure, high performance training, funding, and overall lack of Infrastructure to be competitive in entertainment on a global stage.

Harrington has seen the need and has taken a firm step. He has curated a team of experts, engineers, and global partners and designed a strategic playbook in which all 55 countries will have multi-purpose sports facilities to host activities small or global for talents that will be nurtured, sharpened, and grown in house in each country of Africa. This will create a direct pipeline to not just the NBA Africa, NFL Africa, and other athletic events around the world, but also expose the world to the continuous growth of the African entertainment media scene.  

The innovative way of project planning of this continent-wide undertaking, to promote the great sporting culture of Africa that gets highlighted through the addition of conscious capitalism and the Afrofuturism concept is built into each project Harrington does. He will start a unique Sports and Athletics University to establish branch campuses in each country constructed around the arena. Surrounding housing and lodging for the teachers, the students, construction workers, and citizens, tourists, and business parks, incubation centers and dedicated sports financing centers will also be developed around each arena. 

This mission requires people like Harrington to have complete understanding and one mission of the empowerment of Africa. He is completing these projects through the total involvement of private sectors. What happens when government creates stadiums is that unfortunately they create out of their own funds, which really means it is out of taxpayers’ money and after some time they cannot maintain it. So, the projects become derelict.

Whereas Harrington had changed the narrative to be self-supporting, self-funded, and self-sustaining so that they are built to last.

Over decades, sports have been one of the Word’s uniting factors. When you look at Morocco winning at the World Cup, the entire African diaspora was filled with excitement and joy. Unity brings change. When people who are interested in sports are given full training and supported financially to give full encouragement, the whole of Africa will rejoice in the success through the medium of sports & athletics. The second factor of uniqueness comes from the fact that these are self-supported. Everything is done on a project bases as Harrington has created The Jared Group, which brings all the necessary components together from Africa, America, India, and the UAE.  

Being of the African diaspora, he is thinking about the ways to combine the strengths of both USA and Africa, but also other continents.

Professor Dr. Raju Chandrasekar, an International Expert, Engineer, and a past Advisor to the United Nations in export-oriented infrastructure creation, is also one of the Senior Associates partnered with Harrington. Each partner is strategically placed to play a role in the economic development plan set by Harrington. There can be connectivity using work class roads, airports, hotels, business parks, manufacturing, and much more infrastructure. At the core of the project is education, which is why training in the various sectors of entertainment as well as in innovation, technology, regional planning, and entrepreneurship is vital. The infrastructure will bring many events, media, and activity to be profitable and continue to drive of Africa’s economic growth.  After a decade of development, performance, and attention, Africa can be a leader in entertainment because of these groundbreaking efforts and will directly help the relationship between Africa & other countries, especially America. American companies will be able to engage in projects on the continent through the Jared Group projects. America’s love for entertainment will be a driving factor for Harrington, who is expecting exposure to Africa will rebrand of the perception of Africa to the world. Harrington is not focused on politics, and simply wants to do something for the people and his mission is using his basketball platform to attract people worldwide to do something constructive within Africa itself, as opposed to looking elsewhere.

Construction of the first multiplex arena will commence mid 2023 and take approximately 18 months to complete, headquartered in Mwale’s new Entertainment District of Mwale Medical and Technology City. Next phases will be in Ghana, UAE, and various other African countries as Harrington invites partners to join in this continued effort to shape economic development throughout Africa.

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