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Meet Ifeanyi Obike Nigerian Entrepreneur Re-creating Africa’s Future With His Conglomerate

Nigeria is fast becoming Africa’s central hub for entrepreneurship. Despite the rise and fall in the country’s economies, new start-ups and businesses springs up daily.

Some have stood the test of time and thrived majorly because of the tenacity on the path of entrepreneurs to make impact.

Entrepreneurs have visions to transform selected sectors of the economy while few carry a dire crave to create change in the country economies and build a conglomerate for massive economic development.

Ifeanyi Obike is one of those outstanding visionaries who has sworn to build a bright future for the country’s economy.

Ifeanyi is the sole founder and CEO of The Obike group, a dynamic holding that houses a business conglomerate and a life foundation.

Mr. Obike’s plans for Nigeria’s future is fasts becoming a reality as he looks into building a business that houses major opportunities for the country and its citizens. Plans for the Obike group cuts across revitalizing all major economic sect.

Ifeanyi Plans to build
Obike University
Obike Foods
Obike Courier Services
Obike Telecoms
Obike Airlines
Obike Foundation
Obike Bank
Obike Transport Services

Although the ball is already in play and the Obike foundation is already changing lives across the country but there is still a lot to be done as enumerated in his book “A Peep into the Future” with over 150 chapters.

All of Obike’s plan are targeted at solving all 17-sustainable development goal by 2030. The serial entrepreneur is creating an international hub that will stand as a measure for Africa’s development and he believes it is achievable with the right mix of sacrifice, wealth, fame, power, class and competence

Ifeanyi’s projected net net-worth by 2030 stands at 48.7 billion USD.
Obike group is the future of everything in Africa.

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