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Meet Hafsat, Blind Nigerian Lady Who Defied All Odds To Become A Lawyer

Hafsat is visually impaired but this didn’t deter her from achieving her dreams of being a lawyer. She was recently called to bar after graduating from the university and Law school in flying colours.

Her story is presently being used to inspire other physically-challenged people struggling to fulfil their dreams.

Sharing a bit about her and the good-news, Twitter user, Fatima Suleiman, said Hafsat became blind at the age of 2 but that didn’t stop her from pursuing her dreams. Below are what she wrote about Hafsat.

“This is my sister. One whom I’m well pleased. Hafsah became visually impaired at the age of 2. She can’t see like everyone else. Except with her mind’s eyes. Sharp and Precocious. In spite all the problem, her dream, hope and education didn’t suffer” she said

She further added “people who believed the challenged had better been hid not seen, not involved with others. But Hafsah defied all odds. She went through the 9 yards of pursuit and exertion, crossed all her Ts, got in the race and got to the finish line”

Despite her disability, she attended classes, participated in extracurricular activities and savour the joy of knowing.

The inspiring story of Hafsat is a call to action for everyone, that nothing can hinder you from achieving your dreams, if only you’re determined and dedicated.

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