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Meet Gusi Tobby Lordwilliams, Africa’s Fast Growing Female Volunteering Network

21 year old Gusi Tobby Lordwilliams, also called Agusi Tobby Nazaar is an entrepreneur whose passion in humanitarian services led her to creating *Girlhub Africa* one of the fastest growing female volunteering network in Africa.

The amazing young Nigerian who is very passionate about creating more opportunities for African women is also a Talkshow host and a professional makeup artist.

About Gusi Toby
The last born of 4 girls from a family of 6, Tobby’s love for volunteering services budded with her mother’s habit of dropping them off at different shops of artisans to help them for free during summer holidays and then encouraged them to carve a niche out of what they had learnt.

She started volunteering for social clubs in secondary school and from there, the dream to provide purpose and opportunities for African women grew.

“Our generation gradually have become self centered and everything these days is all about financial gain or celebrity status. When we volunteer, the humane side of us grows, we become more humble and value our place in the society as someone who can do their little bit with the objective of a positive influence” she said.

She is currently the lead volunteer and founder of GIRL HUB AFRICA, a professional female volunteering network and is also involved in several pet projects like the ‘TOUCH ME NOT CAMPAIGN’ by the amazing amazon initiative and the GHAV PROJECT, both focused on speaking to and enlightening going minds on the act of volunteering.

Her aim is to encourage African women in rendering selfless services until it becomes a lifestyle.
We Celebrate You  Gusi!

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