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Meet Grace Okoye,Disabled Satchet Water Seller Who Got One Million Naira Grant From Enugu State Governor

Success  isn’t defined by one’s social or physical status, but the passion and hard work instill into achieving a set goal.

The story of Mrs Grace Okoye, a physically challenged mother of one who just received a donation of N1 million from the Enugu state governor, is a shout of hope to inspiring entrepreneurs struggling to build their brand, as well as make ends meet.


Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, while leading the state in the flag off campaign ahead of the upcoming elecetion spotted a physically challenged woman selling her water in the midst of his massive supporters, who was at the same time struggling to have a glimpse of him.

Moved to sympathy, he called her over to the podium and asked her what she wanted him to do for her.

In tears, she thanked him for noticing her in the crowd at such an event, and began narrating her emotional yet inspiring story of how she, a mother of one, has been struggling to survive and provide proper care for herself and her daughter by selling sachet water, despite being disabled.

Genuinely touched and moved to tears himself, Governor Ugwuanyi announced a personal donation of N1 million, closely followed by promise of Opening a business for her.

In his statement, he said “this is not politics, if you are educated, we will give you employment but if you are not, an appropriate business will be opened for you”.

The already overwhelmed audience, amidst tears of joy, applauded the governor, sending words of congratulations to the woman whose story had just been changed.

They crowd dispersed with hearts filled with hope that a new era had begun in the state.

We Wish Mrs Grace Success In Her Business Because The Sky Is Just Her Starting Point!

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