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Meet Gossy Ukanwoke, Nigerian Entrepreneur Prioritizing Education For Young People

Gossy  Ukanwoke is the founder of Beni American University (BAU), the first online university in Nigeria. Gossy is an investor in higher education who promotes young people’s access to learning and education in underserved places.

In order to help improve access, quality, and relevance of learning in higher education institutions, he has collaborated with African governments on the creation of policies.

Gossy’s investments in African colleges are motivated by the idea of reforming education and supporting the establishments that will produce the continent’s future leaders. BAU R&D is prepared to expand its portfolio of institutions across Africa after completing investments in two traditional universities in Nigeria.

He was appointed president of EduTech in January 2017. EduTech is an education technology company that works with traditional African universities to help them move their on-campus degree programs online by implementing the best available technology, process management, recruitment, admissions, and advisory. Through its platform, EduTech has made courses from Ahmadu Bello University, Obafemi Awolowo University, and other institutions available to thousands of students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs.

Gossy was selected by the Qatar Foundation as one of the 50 Global Makers and Shakers of EdTech in June 2016. He received the World Entrepreneur of the Year award in the category of accelerating entrepreneurs from the consulting company Ernst & Young in June 2015 in recognition of his efforts to advance education and human capital on the African continent. He was a finalist for the Africa CEO Forum’s Young CEO of the Year 2016 award in March 2016.

He has been a successful advisor to a number of young entrepreneurs, startups, and businesses, assisting in the development of companies that are offering practical solutions to issues that are faced every day on the continent in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, power, education, civil service, and power. The World Bank, CNN, Forbes, Harvard Business School, Forum for Growth and Innovation, The Huffington Post, and other media outlets have all featured his work. His work has been referenced in papers, journals, and other academic publications and has served as a research topic.

Many Nigerians who want to upskill and obtain an international certification can now do so because of Gossy Ukanwoke’s innovative Edutech business and services.


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