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Meet Geraldine Gitau, Kenya’s First Perfume Manufacturer

Instead of travelling overseas for greener pastures, talented and innovative minded individuals like Geraldine Gitau are developing unique ideas from the comfort of their homes.

Geraldine Gitau is a 33 year old, mother of one founded ‘Scents by Geraldine’ which madr become the first perfume maker in Kenya.

With dreams of having her own perfumery, she started by buying already packaged perfumes and selling at retail prices to family and friends, right from the comfort of her home, ignoring advices from people on acquiring her own shop, rather she set her gaze on owning her own perfume factory.

In 2016, she took the bold step in starting her own scent by making research on perfume making, despite lack of funds and discouragement from all. While online she stumbled on a German perfume making factory and proceeded to formulating the ingredients for her scent. She finally made her first scent on January 2017, birthing ‘Scent by Geraldine’ , her own perfumery.
‘Scent by Geraldine’ is a Kenyan based perfumery aimed at producing high quality scents, each filled with exotic flavours, with the aim of carving a niche for good quality perfumes in Kenya. The perfumes, although mixed in Germany is packaged in Kenya.

The debut scent collection ‘Whole By Geraldine’ was launched in August, after the election.

Geraldine in her interview, implored others to recognize their passion, key into it and take the bold step into turning it into reality.

Well Done Geraldine, We Celebrate You!

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