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Meet Funke Opeke, Nigeria Techpreneur Who Pioneered Broadband Connectivity In Nigeria

Funke Opeke is the CEO of Mainone, a tech firm responsible for providing Nigeria fast internet connectivity as well as other African countries.

The visionary techpreneur went the extra mile after witnessing the slow and haphazard internet connectivity Nigeria was suffering from to bring in a 7,000 km undersea fiber optic cable from Portugal in 2010.

The electric engineer by profession founded the Mainone company out a passion to solve a problem in Nigeria and Mainone technology today is undoubtedly the leading communications service and network solution provider in the whole of West Africa, as they currently provide broadband connectivity to about 8 countries in Africa

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The company celebrated it’s 10th year anniversary on July 1, 2020, with a lot of milestone achievement that he company has made, one notable one is how the services they are offering has helped the development of startups, transformation of businesses to digital and the continuous functioning of the economy in the digital space all through the COVID-19 heat.

The company definitely did not start on a bed of roses, she faced challenges like raising capital for a business and so on, as she was doing what no one in west Africa had done at the time which also seemed impossible, but with her dedication and believe in herself the company started operations in 2015 providing the exquisite first of it kind service.

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