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Meet Femi AbdulRahman, Livestock Farmer Promoting Rabbit Rearing Through Online Group

30-year-old Femi Abdul Rahman who resides in Kwara state, has always been passionate about livestock farming and now he wants to take it to the next level through Millonaire Rabbit farmers, a whatsapp group he created.

Femi said he has big visions for his Rabbit rearing business, so he decided to set a platform where he could impact to other interested farmers in the country.

“Livestock farming are very lucrative, with good financing within three months one will start making his or her money in folds” Femi made this statement during our interview section.

Femi has been into livestock rearing for several years now, what inspired him initially to start up the business is the future its holds and the maximum turnover one will get from investing.

At the onset, the 30 year old livestock farmer started with 400 Fisheries, and this went well, as he was able to sell them out within four to five months, the next set weren’t so lucky as he lost his fishes to the mud pond.

“I faced a big challenge when my farm was changed I stocked them in the enthing pond and unfortunately I lost all my fisheries to flood” Femi said.

Femi had to abandon fishering and focus on rabbit rearing, the unfortunate incident made him switch to rabbit rearing and from what he told us, he doesn’t regret making that decision.

“I bought a doe and a bug which is one female and one male, I started rearing them, sold them out at the rate of 5000 each. I decided to squarely face rabbit rearing, I stocked in three high breed rabbits and thankGod today I’m having nothing less than forty and they are breeding very well, I sell out every month, baby rabbit costs nothing less than 7000 each and I thank God its going well”

Femi created a WhatsApp group chat called “Millonaire Rabbit farmers” this pace serves as a platform where rabbit farmers could share ideas and as well promote their various rabbit farming business.

The platfrom is used to communicate majorly, and also seminars, meetings and discussions are conducted via the group chat.

Rabbit poo and urine is the major waste in rabbit that is used for so many things, the poo can be added to feed for livestock and as well the urine can be used in place of fertilizer. In his words he said he can as well make more money selling out the urine.

Femi is a graduate of Kwara state college of education with a very big vision to take Rabbit rearing to the next level.

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