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Meet Father And Son Who Are First Black Male Wig Company Owners In Columbus

A black father and son achieved their historic feat of becoming the first black male owners of wig company after acquiring from its previous Asian owners.

The father, Dante Lee is 41,His son is 15years old. Their acquisition of makes them one of the major players in the multi-billion dollar hair industry

Lee and his son’s company, based in Columbus, Ohio, goes by the tagline “Where Beauty Meets Royalty.” The father and son duo retail high-end synthetic wigs and extensions that are easy to wear and lightweight, according to Black News. They come in various lengths and styles including straight, wavy, and wavy curly and they are also easy to wash

Dante Lee and his son also retail headband wigs that do not need the same type of sewing and installation as traditional wigs hence making them easy to use.

Dante Lee said he love to see Black women wearing natural hairstyles, but we also recognize that millions of Black women around the world enjoy a variety of hairstyles and others have medical conditions that affect their hair. For this reason, we were motivated to establish ourselves as major players in this industry.

Dante Lee’s company are very determined to offer the absolute best quality and the most modern styles for Black women in the U.S., Canada, the UK, the Caribbean, and in all African nations.

Dante Lee has also been a leader in the diversity recruiting industry. He recently unveiled a genius platform,, connecting job seekers and employers in Canada’s largest city, Toronto.

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