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Meet Esther Okade, 16-Year-Old Nigerian-British PhD Holder

Esther Okade is a Nigerian-British Maths prodigy who has a PhD in Financial Mathematics from the University of Cambridge and an author who has written several books for kids with titles like Yummy Yummy Algebra, and she has a mother who is also a mathematician like herself.

At thirteen, she was enrolled in the UK Open University, where she got a Bsc in Financial Mathematics.

From childhood, Esther has always been a Maths genius as she had been known to solve difficult problems such as quadratic equations since she was three to the extent that she had intended to enroll in college since she was seven.

In the GCSE level examination, she scored a C in math when she was only six years old which made her take the A-Level math exams.

Thereafter she was invited by the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom to study Mathematics.

All the while, Esther has been homeschooled by her parents and in  2015 at the age of 10, she got enrolled at Open University(a distance based learning college) where she was the youngest undergraduate in the Uk. Weeks after she got straight A’s and became the best student in her class.

She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Financial Mathematics, and three years later, she got a PHd in the same field from the same university.

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Written by Faith Paulinus

A Content Writer. Law Graduate. Social Media Manager.

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