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Meet Ebenezer Osunlalu, 30-Year-Old Nigerian- American Engineer With Remarkable Educational Achievements

30-year-old Ebenezer Osunlalu is a Nigerian-American Engineer who has earned himself applauding educational achievements.

Ebenezer holds a Six-sigma belt certificate, as well as an advanced graduate certification in Systems Engineering, Production Design, Quality Principles, amongst others.

He is an Honor’s graduate of Kennesaw State University (formerly Southern Polytechnic State University) with M.Eng in Engineering Management, M.Sc in Systems Engineering, M.Sc in Quality Assurance Engineering, B.Sc in Industrial Engineering and B.Sc in Business Administration. 

Ebenezer Osunlalu is also a graduate of Georgia Perimeter College, an Associate of Science Degree in Engineering, and also holds Associate Degree in Business Administration (with a concentration in Spanish language). He is currently a Doctoral candidate, Business Administration.

Ebenezer obtained his bachelors degree at a later time compared to his peers. However, once he got his bachelors degree, he kept on moving.

According to him, he was determined not to slow down as he had a huge appetite for knowledge. He mentioned that he also had really good mentors that pointed him in the right directions to make him competitive in the engineering job market.

“Knowing my eventual objective is to lead an organization, I had to acquire skills, experience and degrees to push me a little further”, Ebenezer remarked.

Although, Ebenezer Osunlalu revealed to Espact that, throughout his High school in Nigeria, he honestly didn’t care much about academics. He was rarely challenged as academics was centered around memorization than actually understanding the content. 

He further revealed that his interest in academics sprung up when he moved to Cuba to join his father at his diplomatic post, there he got academically challenged by the educational system of the international school he was enrolled in. 

“International School Havana used the International Baccalaureate (IB) System, and it was the toughest program”. Ebenezer said. He explained how he had to spend nights studying just to catch up to the standard, as he had come from a Nigerian school system. 

According to Ebenezer, he was already behind drastically, so he had no choice but to step up. And although it took very long, it happened.

Ebenezer, who has always desired to be great at anything he did, thinks it is pretty fair to say anyone desires success.

He went on to emphasize that, having the needed tools to succeed, is what separates everyone. Thus, he had to hone his skills, increase his intellectual reasoning and think in unconventional ways to solve problems and most especially increase his quest and thirst to find solutions to complex ideas.

Ebenezer Osunlalu is now a skilled Engineer and US Army official, who is quite good at what he does as he also combines his work as an engineer with US Army duties successfully.

When asked if there were any missed opportunities he wished he had leveraged on, Ebenezer replied, saying that, he of course wished he did things sooner as he would have gotten into those great fields sooner. However, he is proud and grateful to the Supreme Being on how far he has come and achieved. 

Ebenezer ended his statement by urging younger people to start planing their steps and objectives now. He stated that It is never too early to draw out plans and map visions. Once done, simply follow the roadmaps, mentor with proven professionals in the field and never be timid to ask questions.

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