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Meet Dreamcatchers, Nigerian Teens’ Dance Group Who Is Living The Dream

Drake a few years ago blessed us with the hit track “Started from the Bottom” and it became the theme song for those who had hard beginnings but can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

You have to wonder if that is the song playing in the heads of the members of the Nigerian kid dance group, DreamCatchers founded and managed by Seyi Oluyole.

From being total unknowns living in the outskirt town of Ikorodu, to being subject of a documentary by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the kids sure are climbing up.
Nigeria is a nation of over a hundred million people, in an economic recession and having more uneducated people than educated ones. She is currently fighting a war in the north and dousing fires nationwide. In the midst of all these negativity, this group of young children have decided to share their joy and love for dance with the rest of us as we push on with our lives and try to seize the day.

From short skits shared in WhatsApp groups, to sharing on Instagram pages, they sure have moved to the big league. Their turning point? A feature of their video by musician, global icon and businesswoman Rihanna.
Do not turn up your nose at this. They did not get there easy. They worked. They danced. They did not disband or give up. They shared their joy with us and now the world is giving them their just rewards.

From Rihanna sharing their video to supermodel Naomi Campbell meeting and featuring them om her Instagram page and now the mini-documentary on the BBC. It really is a started from the bottom story. A story that really describes the never-say-die attitude of the Nigerian spirit. We are resilient and never give up. It is the power of Naija.

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