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Meet Deborah Banwo, Nigerian Female Cobbler Who Aspires To Partner With Nike

“Entrepreneurship is never a science nor an art. It is a practice”. Presently, there is a good number of people practicing creative businesses , one of which is Deborah Banwo, a young lady who makes shoes and aspires to partner with Nike in the future.

Deborah took up the shoe-making craft with the inspiration to make new, quality and affordable shoes for males and females.

Deborah, in the process of making a shoe

She revealed in an interview with Espact media that the idea of becoming a cobbler struck her during one of her shoe business trips. She felt cheated as a retailer and then onwards, started making beautiful shoes for sale. She kicked off her shoe business in January, 2018, during her national youth service.

When asked what challenges she has to grapple with as a cobbler, her response was: “Time is key, and that is something I don’t have right now because I work and close 5pm everyday and just recently, including Saturdays and Sundays“.

Her short and long term goals are to partner with brands like Nike for more experience and to see her brand go global.

Deborah ascribed her success to God, hardwork and focus. To aspiring entrepreneurs, she adviced that they go for their dreams and improve on them.

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