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Meet Deborah Ayorinde, British-American Actress Who Acted Liz In Fatherhood Movie

Deborah Olayinka Ayorinde is a British-American actress who starred the role of ‘Liz’ in Kevin Hart’s recent blockbuster, ‘Fatherhood’.

Deborah Ayorinde was born in London, England in 1987, to Nigerian parents. At age seven, she performed in her first play with a drama school in the Forest Gate area of London. It was there that she developed a passion for the arts.

Kevin Hart had a movie out recently, one that has become the talk of the town. The movie entitled “Fatherhood” is a movie about the passion of fatherhood, the weaknesses and the strengths that come with being a father, and the love that fills a father’s heart with the child they swore to take care of for the rest of their lives.

The movie tells the story of Kevin Hart as a man whose wife lost her life to Childbirth complications. So Hart literally played the role of a single father, which he played so well, calling out the emotions of its viewers.

However, the success credits of the movie and its great appeal cannot totally be given to Kevin Hart though he played a significant role, there are other casts played by wonderful actors who created the magical film that showed us the beauty of fatherhood.

Among these actors is the beautiful black woman, Deborah Ayorinde, who played the role of Liz, Kevin Hart’s on-screen wife who lost her life to Childbirth.

She played the role so well, although she only appeared in a few scenes, as the movie focused on Kevin Hart as a father than it focused on his Wife. However, the movie scenes were really emotionally uplifting.

Deborah Ayorinde was eight years old when she and her family relocated to San Jose, California. Coupled with her passion for Arts, she developed her talents by participating in talent shows and contests, performing with dance teams, cheerleading teams, and choirs, and continuously training.

In May of 2009, Deborah Ayorinde graduated with honors from Howard University’s John H. Johnson School of Communications with a Bachelor of Arts in Film Production. During her matriculation at Howard, she won the coveted Paul Robeson Best Actress award for her performance in a short film she wrote and directed (The film also won the award for Best Cinematography).

According to her background, though she is called a British-American actress, being born in London. She is most especially a Nigerian; as she is born to Nigerian parents and also personally identifies with the country on her media platforms. Deborah is popular for playing “Livia Lucky Emory” in the 2021 TV series Them.

Her credits include, but are not limited to, Barbershop 3, Game of Silence (NBC), The Game (BET), and Necessary Roughness (USA). She has also appeared in various print ads and commercials.

Among her other works as an actor is her role on Netflix’s Marvel series called Luke Cage, she was also in the movie Girl’s Trip, alongside Jada Pinkett Smith, Queen Latifah, And Regina Hall. She also starred in a movie alongside Famous actor and singer, Jenelle Monae in the movie Harriet, the story of an American Abolitionist and political activist Harriet Tubman.

She also makes occasional appearances in True Detective, an HBO series. Then we have her role in Fatherhood, a movie that has since become number one in the United Kingdom and the United States since its release a few days back.

In addition to acting and modeling, Deborah is also passionate about directing and writing. She also owns an online boutique.

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