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Meet David Asiamah Ghanaian Entrepreneur Revolutionizing Africa’s Agriculture

After completing a postgraduate degree in agriculture, Asiamah turned down a number of job offers to farm in Ghana – founding Agro Mindset Group instead. Asiamah owns 15 acres of land, raising chicken, and employs 12 people.

“Our future outlook is to adopt more innovative, cutting-edge technologies to produce animal feed, manage waste, and construct solar power plants,” he says.

Based on a realisation that any line of work that is impactful requires discipline and a positive change in behaviour, David Asiamah founded Agro Mindset, a firm that specialises in agribusiness ventures in Ghana.

When he was a third-year undergraduate agriculture student, Asiamah recognised the opportunities in this sector. This, combined with his awareness of the high levels of youth unemployment in Ghana and his desire to be self-employed, motivated him.

Agro Mindset’s focus is to run highly profitable agricultural enterprises with long-term growth potential. It further aims to be a leader of robust agribusiness models that consistently produces safe, quality and affordable foodstuffs in a financially, socially and environmentally sustainable manner.

Agro Mindset is constantly investing in the future of people, creating jobs in a time of unemployment, and lifting people below the poverty lines high above.

Asiamah is the winner of an African Achiever Award for agricultural excellence, the Future Awards Africa for agriculture and Ghana UK Based Awards for corporate sustainability after his nomination at the House of Commons.

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