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Meet Chizoba Maduabuchi,Nigerian Female Shoemaker Who Crochet Foot Wears

Am always excited to meet and celebrate young minds who have  made the decision to venture into entrepreneurship, because  I know they are on the path to make great difference in their communities and countries at large. I believe entrepreneurs are the future.

In July 2017, the former Nigerian President,Olusegun Obasanjo confirmed this long belief of mine,with his statement that Africa will only grow when  entrepreneurs are more than job seekers .

How then do we want to grow if we don’t encourage entrepreneurship amidst young minds?
Hence one of my reasons for celebrating the young, beautiful and vibrant Chizoba Maduabuchi.

Chizoba at work
Chizoba at work

Though a significant number people are presently into shoe making, but Chizoba stands out amidst  them as she specialises on knitting her foot wears rather than using leathers. This initiative is a very unique one that deserves to be celebrated.

The finished pair of crochet sandals
The finished pair of crochet sandals

Now join me on the drive through Chizoba’s motivational interview, as you will definitely learn a thing or two…

Am happy to have you here with me, let’s get close up and personal… Tell us about you, your family, ethnicity and education.

My name is Chizoba Constance Maduabuchi,I am a self-motivated and result driven lady. I am an igbo from Abia state in Nigeria, the second child and first daughter in a family of six. I will be 22 year old by October 11, 2017.

Chizoba Maduabuchi
Chizoba Maduabuchi

Though am presently a SSCE holder, I plan to further my education next year by God’s grace.

Let me flash you back a bit, share with us your best childhood moment that still makes you laugh till date when you remember it.

My childhood was fun but I was an introvert so didn’t get much opportunity to enjoy it not keep memories.

You’re a proud shoemaker, tell us how this journey started.

In September 2014, I met a young lady in the eastern part of Nigeria, who crochets sandals. I was amazed and approached her for training. She agreed and trained me for two weeks.
After a while I came to Lagos and worked in few places as a sales girl . But one fateful day, I met a man who saw how zealous I was, he asked me to think of the things I can do on my own. I remembered what I learnt back in the east, then I quitted my job and started the foot wears business officially in February, 2016.  It’s been very challenging but am happy with what I do.

Chizoba making a pair of sandals
Chizoba making a pair of sandals

Why did you choose shoe making amidst others?

I chose shoe making because I have passion for it. It’s always fun making foot wears for people’s use.

What are your parents’ stand on this chosen profession of yours?

Though they are very surprised that I chose to be a shoemaker but I have their full support.

Since you started this profession, share with us what you love most about it?

I love everything about this work. Especially when new designs pop up in my head, I find joy bringing them to life.

What are the main challenges you have faced so far?

Presently I work from a corner I secluded for my work at home, it hasn’t been easy because of distractions. So space is my number one challenge , followed by lack of enough fund to buy necessary tools and materials.

What keeps you going amidst these challenges?

My faith in God keeps me going. I always believe with God by my side everything is possible. I also try to surround myself with positive people.

Sandals made by Chizoba
Sandals made by Chizoba

I must say that your shoes are very unique and beautiful, why did you specialise in crocheting?

I don’t get fascinated with leather shoes,maybe because i see them everywhere. I prefer crocheting my foot wears because its unique, creative and long lasting.

Compare to leather foot wears, how many hours does it take to make one pair of knitted foot wears?


It depends on the design i want to make. Some designs take an hour plus while others take a day.

On the average, how many knitted foot wears do you make in a day? What’s the least amount you sell one?  Who are your foot wears for? Do you sell in wholesale or retail?

As stated earlier it all depends on the design. Judging based on the least time taking designs, i make up to 7 pairs of foot wears daily. My foot wears are for men and women of all age. I sell in both wholesale and retail.

Chizoba's work
Chizoba’s work

What are the top three things anyone aspiring to become shoemaker needs to know before starting?

You need to be creative, determined, patient and hardworking.


You need creativity to come up with unique designs,you need to be determined to withstand the discouraging factors , Patience and perseverance works hand in hand to keep you going and believing that you will be successful and finally you need to be hardworking  so you can always give your best.

Tell us three personal rules that have helped you so far?

1.Never give up.
2.Always believe in yourself no matter what.
3.Don’t be lazy.

How do you operate presently? What is the next stage you’re looking to take your business too? What do you need to achieve it?

I work from my house. I’m looking forward to getting a shop and registering my business so I can employ more hands. Everything revolves around capital.

What are your hobbies? Who is your role model (s)

I love reading novels a lot. Writing stories and travelling. As for a role model I look up to successful women around me.

Chizoba Maduabuchi
Chizoba Maduabuchi

Your advice to Nigerian youths…

Youths stop being dependent. There are so many skilled work/handwork you can engage yourself in,even  while going to school. Being self reliant gives joy and earns respect

Thanks For Sharing Your Inspiring Story With Us.
You Can Reach Chizoba Maduabuchi Through

Phone Number: 08118078106


Facebook: Maduabuchi chizoba

Instagram: Kimcraftycrochet

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