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Meet Chikwado Nwaobilor, Nigerian Artist Who Crafts Houses, Hotels Models With Local Materials

Having a talent doesn’t just make one stand out, putting it to use does. An Aba based artist, Chikwado Nwaobilor has won his way into the hearts of many Nigerians through his beautiful pieces of art works. He is not just brilliant, his creativity is at its peak.


The outstanding artist has been able to design models of houses, hotels and event centers with locally made materials.

He was celebrated on the facebook page of Aba city blog after photos of him and a model of the popular El Dorado hotel and event center in Aba was posted.

He has been tagged a genius by people who live around him and has been receiving praises from Nigerians at home and in diaspora.

Chikwado Nwaobilo’s resilience and humility is second to none, as he is always ready to take corrections and make amends where needed.
The amount of enthusiasm and joy he shows while doing his work is quite infectious as well.

It is quite fulfilling to see Nigerian youths stand up to take their place as future leaders and we would continue to play our part in challenging young minds into coming up with unique innovations and ideas.

We Celebrate You Chikwado! Keep Soaring High!

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