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Meet Chike Uzoka, US Based Nigerian Entrepreneur Who Built His Multiple Businesses From Freelancing

”Start wherever you are, because you are more than enough. Start with what you have, because it is more than enough” These are the exact words of a man who started his company for free by doing what he loves. Chike Uzoka is an Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Author, and Speaker. He is the Founder  and Chief Innovation Officer of Valentine Global, a consulting firm specialising in entrepreneurship workshops and business boot camps.

Uzoka, of Igbo heritage, was born in Queens, New York. He graduated from New Jersey Institute of Technology with a degree in IT. After graduating, he worked at New York Life, Merrill Lynch, and then JP Morgan Chase. Uzoka decided to leave Wall Street behind and make a change in his life as he started freelancing in 2010 after he conducted a business workshop for school kids.

Uzoka never looked back as he kept getting requests by schools and organizations. Because of his love for impacting lives, Uzoka never knew he could make money from his passion, it wasn’t until someone asked for the rate he charges that he realised.

Now his company has grown into three entities: Valentine Consulting which specializes in creating and facilitating entrepreneurial workshops, games, and curricula for organizations such as United Way, NAACP, Columbia University, Black Enterprise, and Rutgers Business School, Valentine Property Holdings which specializes in helping clients acquire and sell commercial real estate as well as in social real estate developments focused on minimizing the population of undomiciled individuals and Valentine Motorsports/Real People Motor which specializes in helping clients acquire mostly rare and vintage BMW automobiles as well, creating automotive clubs in educational institutions, and giving former prisoners opportunities for employment.

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