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Meet Charles Chelulei, Kenyan Agripreneur Who Invents Farm Machines For Locals

Charles Chelulei, a native of Kabunyeria village in Tinderet Nandi county, in Kenya has been tagged a hero after inventing farm machines aimed at making things easy for local farmers in the county.

With no formal education asides a KCSE certificate, the 40-year old owns a work shop in Kabunyeria Shopping Centre where he creates and sells these farm machineries.


Charles has since created several machines including a coffee pulping machine, and a livestock feeds miller which is quite popular among residents of Nandi, Bomet and Kericho counties.

In an interview with Smart Harvest, he spoke of how his love for all forms of machineries blossomed at a young age and his desire to create efficient and affordable machines after being severally disappointed by the breakdown and malfunction of imported machineries. With just a KSCE certificate and no means of furthering his education, he resolved to make a name for himself despite his situation by entering the world of machineries.

“I started farming on my parent’s farm but concentrated on repair of machines. I started with farm machines including our farm and slowly started repairing neighbor’s machines. In no time, I was the village’s Fix-it repairing all farm machines and motor vehicles” he said.

The self-taught engineer decided to put his all into machine making and has designed several machineries including a tractor trailer which he designed to help carry harvested tea to the factory.
“they arebnkt just efficient, I also endeavour to to give my machines a great finish for the aesthetic value. My machines are liked by farmers because of their efficiency, low maintenance and low energy consumption”.

Despite his challenges in transferring his invention designs from paper to the actual machine, this young man is fast gaining recognition among residents of the country and dignitaries including former women rep Zipporah Kerring, former MP Stephen Kaurus Cornelius Kipkoech and Emmanuel Mengeech and is fast working towards gaining a patent for his brands.

Well Done Charles Chelulei! We Celebrate You

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