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Meet CEO Morenshapes, Nigerian Fashion Entrepreneur who designs beaded clothes and accessories

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Welcome to Temmy Balogun’s Blog, International Women’s day was celebrated earlier this week, we are using this medium to celebrate all our female readers . Keep moving forward despite odds,be determined and sooner than you imagine, your dreams will come true!!!


Today our interview is on Bead making.
Beads have been around for a long time, but how well its widely use, is usually decided by trends. Many,especially females have presently embraced learning bead making,which they set up as a part-time or full-time business after training.


Morenshapes' design
Morenshapes’ design

Before now, my understanding was that, beads are widely used mostly as body accessories that complements an individual’s outfit for ceremonial or casual use. My encounter with the founder of Morenshapes, exposes me to the great results that come from being creative with bead making.

With some of her works have been opportuned to see, i can describe her has an innovative and intelligent rare gem in Nigeria.


In this interview she explained how she arrived at the initiative of using bead to create unique designs on clothes and various things.
From a business owner,fashion entrepreneur, employee, job seeker to students, you will all learn a thing or two from this interview.

As you’re relaxing this weekend, motivate your spirit by reading this carefully.

Mrs Morenikeji Adeyemi
Mrs Morenikeji Adeyemi

Welcome to the interview session with Temmy Balogun’s Blog. Tell us a bit about you, Family,Ethnicity and Education…

My names are Titilayo Morenikeji Adeyemi,am the first child in a family of 4. I hail from Ogun state, Ijebu precisely.
I obtained my B.ed in Educational Management/Economics from Tai Solarin University of Education.

Am married to my caring husband, Mr oluwasegun Adeyemi. We are blessed with a beautiful daughter,Comfort Adeyemi.

Let me take you a bit back to your childhood days, as a kid what does your mom punish you for mostly?

I grew up with my maternal grandmother not my mom. She doesn’t believe in punishing kids when wrong,rather she corrects me many times with words of mouth.

What a great privelege you got from grandma …That was just to lighten the mood. You founded Morenshapes, tell us what led to its establishment.
My passion and love for fashion and creativity led to birth of MorenShapes.

What is Fashion to you?
To me fashion is about being stylish with my mode of dressing.

Morenshapes' design
Morenshapes’ design

Before Morenshapes what were you into?

Smiles… I was into so many things before MorenShapes but they were all in line with entrepreneurship.

As for my immediate previous work, I managed a small scale snacks business called Nutri-chops. We produce chin-chin,plantain chips,potato chips and the likes for young ones and adults.

Back to Morenshapes, what amazes me about your work is how you use beads creatively on clothes, body and home accessories, what led to this initiative?

While in the university, there was a period the tertiary education system was on strike,i decided to engage myself with something worthwhile so as not to be idle, so i attended a bead making training at Women Development Center,agege Lagos, Nigeria and was certified after completion.

From there my love for passion grew,and I attended more trainings in different fashion line, which led to me priotising cloth designing and bead making.

Morenshapes' design
Morenshapes’ design

After i left University, i focused on building a career around this passion. But before starting i ventured into other businesses to gather fund. When i was ready to kick start my fashion business,I because of my love for creativity,So because of my love for creativity, i thought of how to carve out my niche in the Nigerian fashion industry, so i merged my knowledge of bead and cloth making together to innovate creative designs and this was how the journey started.

So far what are the things you have used beads on?

Have designed varieties of things with bead , out of which are jewleries,beads sandal, slippers, clutch ,wallet, phone pouch,hair clip,key holder, belts,neck tie,mirror, flower vase,clothes and lots more.


Wow this is overwhelming! So to my next question, as a mother how do you blend your home duties with your profession?

Every week i draw up my schedule on how to balance my activities both at home and work. There are times i work from home, rather than going to my office. So its easy blending my work with home duties. None affects each other.


Morenshapes' design
Morenshapes’ design

Does your husband support what you do?

Smiles…He has always being very supportive from the start. Infact, after God, he is my backbone. Am using this medium to say ‘ a Big Thank you’ to him as always

What do you love most about bead making?

The fact that it inspires me to create different designs frequently.

What are the other services Morenshapes offer?
Our services revolve around cloth and bead making.

Morenshapes' design
Morenshapes’ design

We design our clothing with and without beads, this is based on the choice of customers.

Morenshapes' design
Morenshapes’ design

We design casual, corporate and native wears for both sex from young to old.

Do you train individuals interested in your line of business? How long does this take?

Training for beads making is in progress while training for designing outfits will commenced soon.


Once we  get the adequate number of instructors we need for our student and a more conducive space for learning.

Mention 3 rules that guides you in this profession.

1. Being Determined
2. Being focused
3. Self discipline

What is one main challenge you face in this profession? What has kept Morenshapes going since established?

Poor power supply has been a great challenge. Most times we spend so much fuelling the generator for work.

The feedback we get from customers about their satisfaction from our products has kept us going. Also we innovate new designs frequently to stand out.

Your advice to aspiring Fashion Entrepreneur and those already in best on how to best at what they do..

Work harder everyday, and put in your best,to get better result.
Never quits because of present circumstances, keep moving forward and success will be yours.
After achieving your first set goals, dont relax, on your innovativeness and customer service,set new goals and keep moving so your brand can become an everlasting household name.

Inspire youths in one sentence…

In whatever you set out to do, be determined!!! Be focus!!!Be disciplined.

Any role Model (s)? Your hobbies?

I dont see any one as my role model,cos everyone as his/her weaknesses and shortcomings. I see only Jesus as my perfect role model.

My hobbies are ; creating new designs,cooking, and teaching.

Thanks For sharing with us ma. We appreciate your time and the knowledge you shared.

You can reach Mrs Morenikeji Adeyemi through:

Mobile Number: 08188777507
Facebook: Morenshapes Adeyemi
Instagram: Morenshapes

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.CHEERS

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