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Meet British-Ghanaian Engineer And Tech Entrepreneur Who Built World’s First Auto-Translator Earbuds

Danny Manu is a british-ghanaian engineer and tech entrepreneur who built world’s first auto-translator Earbuds which can translate over 35 languages around the globe. He is the founder of Mymanu Translator Earbuds and he is on a mission to develop the world’s first truly wireless earphones which he already accomplished it.

Danny Manu studied at Oxford Brookes University and describes his mission in life as striving to improve lives. He was recently recognised by Google for his contributions to science, arts and culture.

The Bristish-Ghanian engineer knew language can be a major hinderance to human interactions. And even though giant strides have been made over the years to lessen the communication gaps through various translation tools but challenges remain. That is why Danny Manu’s auto-translate earbuds are revolutionary. Just imagine being able to converse effortlessly with a Chinese, even though you have never learnt a word of Mandarin before.

Manu’s Cliks headphones are wireless and operate on Bluetooth. The headset must pair with a smartphone to work and the cliks doesn’t require an internet connection.

Mymanu cliks can also help people cross language barriers and connect to one another. The earbuds automatically pick up on what language is being spoken and then provides a spoken translation within a sentence or two.

Founder Manu self-financed the translating headphones through his business Mymanu.

Like all the other ethnic minority-run businesses within the UK, He had a hard time getting the funding and financial support from banks and government-funded programs that he needed.

Manu made some sales to raise capital, dipped into his personal savings, and explored crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. He was able to raise £5,000,000 through his different fundraising ventures.

“If you truly believe in your product and ideas, you shouldn’t have too much trouble convincing other people to believe in them too”.

Manu encourages the brave souls venturing into tech entrepreneurship to focus on their successes and believe in themselves.

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