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Meet Brigitha Faustin, Successful Entreprenuer Paving Way For Female Agriprenuer In Tanzania

The capacity of our strength and ability is not inhibited in our sex, rather in our zeal for success, this has been priven once again by 31-year-old Brigitha Faustin, a young Tanzanian billionaire who is paving grounds for other women agri-preneurs to rise.

Brigitha is the founder and managing director of OBRI Company, an agro-based company whose main businesses include edible oils manufacturing and fractionations under OBRI Brands. OBRI Company is a co-operative social enterprise that ensures that farmers and communities are supported by promoting economic opportunities for cooperatives organizations, farmer associations and communities through the innovative application of sound business practices.

She studied Education programming at the University Dar es Salaam and later went for master’s degree in Co-operative and Community Development at the Sokoine University of Agriculture. While she started her company in 2013, she found it very challenging and exciting as the competition was very high in Tanzania because there were so many companies running a food manufacturing companies. Then she had the problem of weak policy implementation and lack of small business support.
Faustina is also the founder of Fahari Yetu, a youth led non-profit company work in delivering projects that support socio-economic development in Tanzania through Research, Advocacy, Empowerment and Consulting Services.
She worked with international organizations such as CARE International, International Union for Conversation of Nature (IUCN), World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), global Environmental Facility (GEF) and United Nations Development Programme. She is affiliated with International Peace Organization and has been selected as the Youth Ambassador for Sustainable Development under United Nations Convey of Youth which enables the voice of youth’s implementation on SDGs in her region.

Brigitha Faustin

Brigitha Faustin is a self-taught entrepreneur who has made agribusiness and human development in Africa and her country. She is encouraging women in Africa to feel confident and start participating in agriculture for business. She has empowered more than 230 local Tanzania farmers who are organized under farmers association in Tanzania by providing sustainable markets for her outlets across the country.

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