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Meet Aziz Alibhai Who Buys And Turns Abandoned Planes Into Tourist Attractions

70- year- old Aziz Alibhai who is from ivory coast developed an innovative project from abandoned planes which instead of being trashed, are used as tourist attractions.

He got the idea to start this enterprise following the Ivorian political dispute of 2010 to 2011 which killed over 3,000 people and destroyed vital public infrastructure. Many planes were also left abandoned at Abidjan airport.

On his property in Songon, located between forest and lagoon about 30 kilometers from Abidjan, Ivory Coast, are wrecked planes that he has bought. The property hosts his construction machinery rental company and also accommodates his football club, Ivoire Academie.

With his innovative mindset, he decided to acquire the planes which were in ruins or abandoned and convert them into tourist destinations. It cost him an arm and a leg but he was so excited because he could achieved his aim.

He acquired 11 disused planes and moved them to the site of his construction machinery rental company. Some planes had to be cut into two or three sections to be able to transport them without blocking the whole road.

Alibhai knows his planes to the core, including their names and he explained how he intends to turn the discarded planes into tourist destinations. Alibhai said he would like to turn them into conference rooms, a restaurant and luxury bedrooms. The seats of the plane have been taken out for spectators to use on the stands of the Ivoire Academie ground and some first-class seats are also on Alibhai’s terrace.

Alibhai also have other ideas on how to give his wrecked planes a second life by displaying the aircraft components in a kind of museum, showing the planes’ most sophisticated parts.

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