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Meet Arthur Zang, Genius Cameroonian Who Invented Cardiopad

Arthur Zang has been called one of Africa’s Brightest Innovators since his unique creation that has helped saves lives across the world.

Young Arthur is the creator of Cardiopad, the first African ever touch screen medical tablet that performs electrocardiograms and telemedicine using the internet as it also connects cardiologists and patients. He is also the CEO of Himore Medical, a medical devices manufacturing company.

Arthur Zang

Cardiopad, Zang’s creation in 2012, works as medical examination device (like an ECG) which helps to transmit results using the internet to various heart surgeons across the countries where professional advise can be offered to get treatment before the condition worsen. The invention is the most easy and economically approach in which people across countries could get access to medical care on time.

Zang’s journey was not an easy one as he lost an uncle while he was working on Cardiopad which spurned him work harder. He was constantly turned down by banks and people in the aspect of funding. He was later helped with 300 thousand Euros by the government to fund his invention to saves lives of millions of people.
Zang has been named as ‘One of Most Successful Young Investors, 30 Under 30 World Changers’ list by TIME Magazine, he was a recipient of the African Mobile Award, the African Prize for Engineering Innovation by the UK’s Royal Academy of Engineering and was awarded by Forbes as 30 Under 30 List and as the few Young Scientists Engineers in Cameroon.

His desire to help people stems from the tough time he encountered while growing up. His desire to make it and help people kept him going despite the obvious setbacks he encountered along the way.

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