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Meet a’Ron Burns Who Opened Brick-And-Mortar Ice Cream Shop At Age 17

17 year old a’Ron Burns started brick-and-mortar ice cream shop which he called Roll-N-Sweetz, in North Omaha to inspire people who want to be business owners.

Roll-N-Sweetz is a subsidiary of the Burns Family LLC, of which a’Ron is the president. The teen launched his business with the support of his mother, mentors, and investors.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, a’Ron’s dream was to pursue a career in criminal justice but he believes entrepreneurship is the solution to creating jobs and finding peace and comfort.

a’Ron Burns, the 17-year-old is still in high school but still finds time to pitch to investors because he usually went to the student park to make calls to potential investors. Even his mother, Alexis Burns said her son has gotten this far because of determination and perseverance, and Alexis Burns is also among the investors who helped her son’s business

Starting an ice cream shop was not the first business a’Ron Burns venture into. He first started with an e-commerce platform but it did not go as he had wished.

a’Ron Burns took the count of failing and the embarrassment but he did not lose focus. Then he grabbed it all together, and it aligned him to the path of opening Roll-N-Sweetz.

Today his ice cream business is doing great because he chose not be a failure. He was focused and determined at 17 to be successful in life.

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