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Meet Anooja Bashir, Female Entrepreneur Who Proved Diversity Is The ‘NEED’ Of The Hour

Anooja Bashir founded an initiative named ‘NEED’ (Nurturing, Empowering, Enhancing Diversity) in 2023 to promote diversity.

Anooja Bashir started out as a side hustler when she created Ourea in 2013. However, it was short-lived because she had to shut down operations. She came back and restarted the project four years later which has now become a thriving branding and IT company, Oureasoul Pvt Ltd.

Her experience serves as a reminder that although setbacks and difficulties are normal for entrepreneurs but what distinguishes the successful ones is their tenacity and will to continue.She is now a seasoned businesswoman and brand strategist who has earned the respect of respected institutions like Forbes and Fortune India.

Anooja matched her entrepreneurship passion by launching the managed cloud hosting platform “Flexicloud,” which aids start-ups, small enterprises, and medium-sized businesses.

Anooja claimed that she first saw a few diversity evangelists from various regions of the nation in 2021. There were a few transgender and differently-abled people in the group. She assumed that their problems were serious and needed to be brought to light. She thought they weren’t well-represented in some places. As a result, she began an initiative named ‘NEED’ (Nurturing, Empowering, Enhancing Diversity) in 2023.

By creating NEED, Anooja is tending to an exceptionally critical need in the society which is the need to give a platform and resource to underrepresented communities. Her experience as a startup coach to hatcheries and SMEs shows her obligation to rewarding the local area and supporting arising business visionaries.

NEED additionally promotes tutoring and organizing occasions so that individuals can acquire from these in the individual and expert fields. One of the principal forthcoming drive of NEED is inclusive talk which lets the underrepresented community come to the forefront with their stories

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