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Meet Anike Agbaje Williams,First Woman To Appear On Television In Africa

Mrs Agbaje Anike Williams popularly known as first lady of the tube was Africa’s first woman broadcaster, as she started working with Western Nigeria Television, the first television station in Nigeria, 1959.

Mrs Annie worked as a newscaster, presenter and an administrator before she retired 35 years later.

An interview with Amina Alhassan, Anike stated that she was home that day when a permanent security was at her place to drop a message for her, saying she has been picked for an interview, she felt reluctant at first, but her husband was able to convince her to go.

The day of the interview came, she explained that she didn’t think she was going to win because she saw men and felt one of them might actually get the position.

Regardless she performed well as she answered her interview questions and wowed the panels and got the position of the first lady to appear on television.

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